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(DNA Methylome Programming Database(DMPD))
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== Databases ==
== Databases ==
====IC4R ====
* Description: Information Commons for Rice
* Availability: http://ic4r.org
====Database Commons ====
* Description: a catalogue of biological databases.
* Availability: http://databasecommons.org
====MethBank: DNA Methylome Programming Database ====
====MethBank: DNA Methylome Programming Database ====

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Database Commons

MethBank: DNA Methylome Programming Database

  • Description: A database for storing, browsing and mining single-base nucleotide whole-genome methylation data of early embryos spanning different animals.
  • Availability: http://www.dnamethylome.org




ESND (English-to-Chinese Scientific Nomenclature Dictionary)

  • Description: A wiki-based English-to-Chinese Scientific Nomenclature Dictionary.
  • Availability: http://esnd.big.ac.cn

iBio (= my biology + my biography)

  • Description: a biographical wiki for biologists archiving personal scientific collections.
  • Availability: http://ibio.big.ac.cn

FFGED (Filamentous Fungal Gene Expression Database)

  • Description: A database for managing filamentous fungal gene expression data.
  • Reference: Zhang, Z. and Townsend, J.P. (2010) The Filamentous Fungal Gene Expression Database (FFGED), Fungal Genetics and Biology, 47(3):199-204.
  • Availability: http://bioinfo.townsend.yale.edu

TreeFam (Tree Families Database)

  • Description: A database of phylogenetic trees of animal genes.
  • Reference: Li, H., Coghlan, A., Ruan, J., Coin, L.J., Heriche, J.K., Osmotherly, L., Li, R., Liu, T., Zhang, Z., Bolund, L., Wong, G.K., Zheng, W., Dehal, P., Wang, J. and Durbin, R. (2006) TreeFam: a curated database of phylogenetic trees of animal gene families, Nucleic Acids Res, 34:D572-580.
  • Availability: http://www.treefam.org

Web Services and Servers


  • Description: a hadoop-based cloud platform for bioinformatics research. Qomo is short for Qomolangma, the highest mountain in Earth.
  • Availability: http://cloud.big.ac.cn

Cloud CAT (Cloud-based Composition Analysis Toolkit)

  • Description: a web-based tool for analysis and visualization of molecular sequence composition.
  • Availability: http://cat.big.ac.cn

FGF (Fishing Gene Family)

  • Description: A web server that finds gene family in a genome.
  • Reference: Zheng, H., Shi, J., Fang, X., Li, Y., Vang, S., Fan, W., Wang, J., Zhang, Z., Wang, W., Kristiansen, K., Wang, J. (2007) FGF: A web tool for Fishing Gene Family in a whole genome database, Nucleic Acids Res, 34: W121-W125.
  • Availability: http://fgf.genomics.org.cn