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Are you a problem solver?

Are you a difference maker to achieve your values?

Are you ready to dig out the treasure from "ATGCAATGGC..."?

Welcome to join us!

Graduate Students Positions

我是一位非著名学者,因此招生的一个基本原则是: 你别太好,免得我耽误你;也别太差,免得你耽误我。
千万不要送任何礼物,尽管我可以理解。 实在想送,千万美金为起点,这有助于提高我国研究生品牌的含金量。
师生的有效沟通非常重要,否则研究生阶段难有大收获。 有些性格妨碍沟通:自甘平庸,过分轻狂,过分孩子气。
我没勇气做坏人,不得已做了好人。这一点你可以放心。 以0.99的概率,我会像我的导师和我的领导那样,公正、理智地对待每一个学生。
没有人能随随便便成功,你也不例外。 如果你之前没有努力学习、认真生活的实践,你来到我这里会感到很难过。
研究生阶段,如果你努力的话,我能帮你获得什么? 一点成就感、一点自信心。如有其他所得,纯属意外。
(The above content is courtesy of Dr. Si-Min He at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Prospective graduate students with a wide variety of interests are encouraged to inquire as to whether they might perform their graduate research in the Zhang Lab. Fields of interest include, but are not limited to, mathematics, physics, statistics, computer science, biology, bioinformatics and computational biology.

Students from developing countries may apply the CAS-TWAS Fellowship.

Research/Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

We are seeking two enthusiastic candidates in bioinformatic software and web system development, for a period of 1~2 years with possible extension/promotion. The ideal applicant would have a Ph.D. in bioinformatics/computational biology, with strong programming skills and practical experience in bioinformatics research. However, a non-biological background with strong training in another area of science (e.g., mathematics, physics or computer science) would also be appropriate. He or she would be very skilled in programming and problem-solving (e.g., experience with C/C++, Java, PHP/JSP/JavaBean/Servlet, Web Service, or High Performance Computing/Cloud Computing).

Interested applicants would send a CV that includes a list of publications and the names/contact information of 3 references. Email is for all correspondence. Copies of official documents should be available upon request and follow by regular post.

Apply for Fellowship for International Scholar: Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellowships for Young International Scientists

Intern Research Positions

Intern research positions are available for prospective students. Possible projects would be purely computational in nature and thus require very good programming skills, including developing biological databases and performing a wide variety of biological computations. Experience with C/C++, Java, Perl, HTML and SQL is highly desirable. Knowledge of statistical software, such as R, Matlab, etc., would be plus.

Interested applicants would send a CV that includes education background and research interests. Copies of official documents should be available upon request and follow by regular post.

Summer internships for undergraduates/graduate students

A number of undergraduate/graduate research positions are available during the upcoming summer to assist in scientific research at the Zhang Lab.

Job Description:
Possible projects include adding contents and elaborating web interfaces to biological databases, designing and developing HTML pages and performing a variety of data analysis in computational biology & bioinformatics. It is expected that these positions would be purely computational in nature and consequently require very good computer skills. However, application without such background would also be appropriate. Summer internships are paid depending on the degree of commitment and the applicant’s ability. Internship will be at least one month.

How to apply:
Please submit your resume along with any certificates or publications in PDF format via email to lia(AT)