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  • Welcome Hao Wu, Gang Wu, Dawei Huang and Siqi Liu to join the Lab [2012-08-14]
  • Three posters presented in the 5th Chinese Conference on Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, Harbin, China [2012-08-08]
  • Congratulations to Dawei Huang, Gang Wu, and Hao Wu for successfully defending their PhD dissertations [2012-05-17]

Lab Meetings

  • Time: 10:00am-12:00pm on Friday
  • Location: conference room 203
  • Note:
    • 1 persons for work report, 1 person for journal club
    • ~30 min/person
    • The person in charge of journal club is responsible for booking conference room, and possibly, projector.
    • All materials including ppt and paper should be uploaded to the folder named "Lab Meeting" in our lab dropbox.
    • The paper you would like to talk should be disseminated through dropbox before the meeting date, preferentially on Tuesday, and its title should be indicated on this page.
    • Volunteer for presenting work or discussing paper is always welcomed.


  • GEN & RNA-editing Group
    • Lili, Hao
    • Jian, Sang
    • Guangyi, Niu
    • Yuansheng, Zhang
    • Tongtong, Zhu
  • LncRNA & Codon Group
    • Lina, Ma
    • Lin, Liu
    • Qianpeng, Li
    • Zhao, Li
    • Qiang, Du
    • Changrui, Feng
  • Variation & m6A Group
    • Shuhui, Song
    • Dongmei, Tian
    • Cuiping, Li
    • Xufei, Teng
    • Pei, Wang
    • Xiaonan, Liu
  • IT Group
    • Dong, Zou
    • Yang, Zhang
    • Qiang, Du
    • Dongmei, Tian

2019 Schedule

Date Work report Roundtable
16-Aug Yuansheng, Zhang scRNA Roundtable
23-Aug Lin, Liu Roundtable
30-Aug Xufei, Teng RNA-Seq Roundtable
6-Sep Jian, Sang Roundtable
20-Sep Zhao, Li RNA-Seq Roundtable
27-Sep Pei, Wang m6A Roundtable
11-Oct Yang, Zhang Roundtable
18-Oct Guangyi, Niu Roundtable
25-Oct Dongmei, Tian Roundtable
1-Nov Qianpeng, Li Roundtable
8-Nov Cuiping, Li Roundtable
15-Nov Xiaonan, Liu Roundtable
22-Nov Lili, Hao Roundtable
29-Nov Lina, Ma Roundtable
6-Dec Shuhui, Song Roundtable
13-Dec Dong, Zou Roundtable