Lab Meetings

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  • Time: 10:00am-12:00pm on Thursday
  • Location: conference room 203
  • Note:
    • 1 persons for work report, 1 person for journal club
    • ~30 min/person
    • The person in charge of journal club is responsible for booking conference room, and possibly, projector.
    • All materials including ppt and paper should be uploaded to the folder named "Lab Meeting" in our lab dropbox.
    • The paper you would like to talk should be disseminated through dropbox before the meeting date, preferentially on Tuesday, and its title should be indicated on this page.
    • Volunteer for presenting work or discussing paper is always welcomed.


  • GEN & RNA-editing Group
    • Lili, Hao
    • Jian, Sang
    • Guangyi, Niu
    • Yuansheng, Zhang
    • Tongtong, Zhu
  • LncRNA & Codon Group
    • Lina, Ma
    • Lin, Liu
    • Qianpeng, Li
    • Zhao, Li
    • Qiang, Du
    • Changrui, Feng
  • Variation & m6A Group
    • Shuhui, Song
    • Dongmei, Tian
    • Cuiping, Li
    • Xufei, Teng
    • Pei, Wang
    • Xiaonan, Liu
  • IT Group
    • Dong, Zou
    • Yang, Zhang
    • Qiang, Du

2016 Schedule

Date Work report Journal club
March 3 Hao Lili Sang Jian
March 10 Liang Fang Sun Shixiang
March 17 Ma Lina Wang Guangyu
March 24 Li Cuiping Song Shuhui
March 31 Yuan Fangfang Xu XingJian
April 7 Sang Jian Xia Lin
April 14 Sun Shixiang Liang Fang
April 21 Yin Hongyan Yu Chunlei
April 28 Tian Dongmei Yao Fuwen
May 5 Xu Xingjian Zou Dong
May 12 Xia Lin Sang Jian
May 19 Liang Fang Li Rujiao
May 26 Yu Chunlei Wang Guangyu
June 2 Yao Fuwen Li Cuiping
June 16 Zou Dong Xu Xingjian
June 23 Sang Jian Hao Lili
June 30 Li Mengwei Sun Shixiang
July 7 Wang Guangyu Yin Hongyan
July 14 Li Cuiping Tian DongMei
August 11 Xu Xingjian Zou Dong
August 18 Hao Lili Xia Lin
August 25 Sun Shixiang Liang Fang
September 1 Liu Lin Yu Chunlei
September 8 Tian Dongmei Yao Fuwen
September 18 Zou Dong Wan Fan
September 22 Xia Lin Sang Jian
September 29 Li Mengwei Sun Shixiang
October 13 Yin Hongyan Yu Chunlei
October 20 Lv Hongyi Li CuiPing
October 27 Wang Fan Xu Xingjian
November 3 Sang Jian Xia Lin
November 10 Liang Fang Li Mengwei
November 17 Yu Chunlei Liu Lin
November 24 Yao Fuwen Tian Dongmei
December 1 Xu Xingjian Zou Dong